The Feeling in My Belly of Peanut Butter and Jelly

feelinginmybellyThis is a little book, with a big message…focusing on what is right in our world, rather than what’s wrong, can bring extreme cases of happiness! This colorful and fun children’s book tells the story of two friends who are ‘experiencing’ life differently. By focusing on everything that brings her happiness, Heidi is able to help her friend, Blake, who is feeling sad for no apparent reason. Read this book to your classroom or children to honor their feelings, yet teach them how to remain positive by focusing on gratitude and things that make them happy. Beautifully illustrated with fun, colorful images!

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“… a cute book that can encourage kids when they are feeling down.  It reminds kids to focus on the good things in life”

~ Sheryl Miller, Kindergarten Teacher

“In it’s colorful simplicity, it helps children recognize all the wonderful things around them that can bring them joy and it awakens the child in all of us who have forgotten that, in gratitude, we find true happiness.”

~ Lori Gentile, 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

“What an inspiring book to read to children and share with them the wonderful things in life.  Children can sometimes feel that things may be at their worst, but this book showcases the beauty that surrounds them and all of us.”

~ Elizabeth Wilson, Mother of two & Assistant Principal